Salon & Spa Start Up For Manicurists:

Ownership, Services, and Operations (Offered Face-to-Face/In Person)


This Course Is Offered to Licensees, Licensed by The North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners

Course Hours: 8; Course Eligibility: Cosmetologists ( C ), Manicurists (M), Teachers (T), Students (S)

Cost: $110 (in advance); $115 (day of class)



This seminar is designed for Manicurists, Cosmetologists, and Teachers who are interested in starting, owning, and operating a salon or spa business.  Because there are many licensed Manicurists in the Beauty Industry that are interested in salon or spa ownership, this course is designed to give the business aspects of the salon spa business, as well as manicuring techniques that can enhance their spa services.


This seminar is also designed to address the needs of how to start a salon and/or spa business within the aspects of – planning, implementation, and sustaining a successful operation.  This seminar also provides detailed steps and procedures for recommended salon and spa services that can enhance a salon business and build clientele. The full-service salon and day spa concepts are emphasized, which may offer more variety for salon and spa services. 


This seminar will give detail regarding a business plan including: the salon theme (i.e., salon, spa, full-service salon, or specialty salon), and the various salon services one would offer in the aforementioned salon settings; tradeshows; salon staffing (independent contractors or employees); North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners compliance (“licensing of cosmetic arts shops”); zoning/planning ordinances for the salon location; insurance issues; tax issues; and the like.  Additionally, this course will cover aspects of marketing, advertising, financing, and operational issues that are pertinent for sustaining a successful salon spa business.  Human relations factors such as customer service, building and maintaining clientele will be addressed as well.  Ultimately, the seminar participant will have a “blueprint of success” and will be exposed to not only the “theoretical means” of how to start and run a salon spa business – but the “practical means” as well.