Enzyme Peels & Masks 101

(Offered Online and Correspondence) 

This CE Course is Offered to Licensees in North Carolina – Licensed by The N.C. Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners

Course Eligibility: Cosmetologists (C), Estheticians (E), Teachers (T)

Hours: 4   *   Cost: $49.95




Lesson Objective

This Online/Internet course strives to provide Cosmetologists (C), Estheticians (E), and Teachers (T) with the foundation of Enzyme Peels & Masks within the skincare field.  Using peels and masks from an enzymatic base can provide clients with excellent services; that aid in cell renewal/cell turnover, and the overall health and betterment of the skin. 


The Definitional Frame of Enzyme Peels & Masks:

Enzymes peels and masks will be compared to chemical peels – and the benefits of certain enzymatic-based peels will be reviewed; which in turn, present a less clinical approach. This course will also review, analyze, and ascertain a “peel” vs. a “mask”, and how to convey the differences with your clientele. Overall, the alternative to using enzyme peels and masks will be discussed, as they may offer a high quality service – with “less invasive” procedures, and less irritation and erythema for clients.


Different Types of Enzyme Peels & Masks

Various enzyme peels and masks will be examined, such as: papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple enzymes - and several other enzyme-based peels and masks will be discussed as well.  Additionally, how to determine which type of enzyme peel or mask will be discussed, in regard to your clients, their skin type, and skincare needs.


Client Skin Types, Sanitation, & Enzyme Menu of Services/Price Points

Skin types will be discussed in detail, as well as client consultation, health, safety and sanitation.  Your enzyme peel menu of services will be examined, as well as “price points” for how much you want to charge as a Skincare Specialist. Overall, this course strives to give the Course Participant a more in-depth understanding of Enzyme Peels & Masks, and expanding your skincare career with a knowledge-base that will expand your skincare service offerings.