Enzyme Peels & Masks Hands-On

This Course is Offered Face-to-Face (In Person)  

This Course is Offered to Licensees - Licensed by The N.C. Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners

Course Hours: 8 hrs.; Course Eligibility: Cosmetologists (C), Estheticians (E), Teachers (T), Students (S)

Course Price: $110.00 (in advance); $115.00 (day of class)



Course Objective


This face-to-face course will offer theory and hands-on perspectives, in regard to Enzyme Peels and Masks -  and how they are utilized in the skincare field.  Because enzymatic-based services are highly sought after within the beauty industry, this course will provide detailed information regarding: (1) enzyme peels & masks contents, (2) potential clients served and their skintypes, (3) a comparison and contrast between chemical peels and enzyme peels & masks, and (4) various procedures and best practices regarding the application of enzyme peels & masks.  This course is offered to Cosmetologists, Estheticians, and Teachers as well.


Additional topics that will be covered in this face-to-face course include:

  • Cell renewal/cell turnover, and the overall health and betterment of the skin
  • A comparison of enzyme peels & masks and chemical peels (in regard to their content, effectiveness, and clients' skincare needs)
  • Non-invasiveness and a less clinical approach regarding enzymatic-based services
  • A “peel” vs. a “mask”, and how to convey the differences with your clientele and your overall service choices
  • Various enzyme peels & masks will be discussed, which include papaya, pumpkin, and pineapple enzymes - and several other enzyme-based peels and masks
  • Your clients' skin type, their skincare needs, and choices of which enzyme peels and/or masks to utilize during a skincare service 
  • Client consultation, health, safety and sanitation 
  • Corrective measures vs. preventative measures - and how to determine a skincare regimen for your clients
  • Your enzyme peel menu of services will be examined, as well as “price points” for how much you want to charge as a Skincare Specialist

Overall, this course will provide theoretical and practical means of using enzyme peels & masks, as well as expanding your clientele and skincare services.  Each Course Participant will also have the opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises of applying enzyme peels & masks as well.  A 20-page hand out will also be distributed to all Course Participants, in which they can keep for future reference!