Eyelash Extensions Certification Hands-On

This Course is Offered Face-to-Face (In Person)  

This Course is Offered to Licensees - Licensed by The N.C. Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners

Course Hours: 8 hrs.; Course Eligibility: Cosmetologists (C), Estheticians (E), Teachers (T), Students (S)

Course Price: $249.95 (Course Price Special!)

Note: This course requires a $125.00 deposit no later than 7 days before the scheduled course date.  The remaining $124.95 payment can be made on or before the day of class. If not paying a deposit, the full payment of $249.95 is due at least 5 days before the course date (so we can reserve your space and have your starter kit available).  If you have any questions, please contact Terri at 919-672-4698, or SalonSpaTraining@aol.com.  

(Handbook, Starter Kit, and Mentoring Support Included)


Lesson Objective:

This course is a hands-on certification and continuing education course; facilitated by the Salon Spa Training Institute.  Overall, this course will offer the following: (1) a theoretical knowledge base of the Eyelash Extensions procedure; (2) practical hands-on training; (3) a formal certification and certificate of completion; and (4) business education regarding the launching and/or expansion of your eyelash extension business.  Course participants will also receive: a detailed course handout - which will serve as a reference to the eyelash extensions procedure; and mentoring support beyond the 8-hour course seminar.
The Theoretical Perspective:
This 8-hour hands-on course is designed for Course Participants to learn how to apply eyelash extensions from three perspectives - band (strip) eyelash extensions; individual (eye tabbing) eyelash extensions; and cluster eyelash extensions. This course will also offer the fundamentals of eyelash extensions, and will offer a foundation for the eyelash extension procedure. Safety and sanitation issues will also be addressed; due to the procedure involving an adhesive being used within centimeters of the base of the eyelid. Additionally, for those beauty professionals who already perform eyelash extensions, this course is an excellent "refresher" - and gives key information that may better assist with your eyelash extension service and hands-on performance.
The Hands-On Perspective:

The various topics will be covered within the hands-on portion of the course, along with which each Course Participant actively participating in the applying of eyelash extensions:

  • Defining the eyelash extension procedure; and how to convey to clientele which procedure may be best (for their eyelash extension service request) 
  • Client consultation tips in regard to accessing the client’s needs
  • Hands-on experience in applying various types of eyelash extensions that are performed: including (1) band, (2) cluster, and (3) individual eyelash extensions
  • Safety precautions, and a review of sanitation steps regarding the pre-service set up and post-service clean up
  • Practicing the pre-service set up (including all implements and materials that are needed)
  • Lash fill-in techniques will also be covered; as well as the expectancy of how long various types of eyelash extensions last
  • Lash removal techniques, and steps on maintaining eyelash extensions will also be covered as well.

Upon the completion of the course, Course Participants should have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to apply eyelash extensions; as well as a formal certification.  The Salon Spa Training Institute will also offer mentoring upon completion of the course – to aid Course Participants with the growth and development of their Eyelash Extension business!