Customized Body Scrubs, Paraffin Body Wax & The Body Exfoliation Service

This Seminar Course is Offered Face-to-Face (In Person)  

This Course is Offered to Licensees - Licensed by The N.C. Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners

Course Hours: 8 hrs.; Course Eligibility: Cosmetologists (C), Estheticians (E), Teachers (T), Students (S)

Cost: $100.00 (in advance) * $110.00 (day of class)



Course Objective

Spa body services – such as scrubs, paraffin body wax, and masks are an excellent additive to any menu of services.  Although spa body services can seem universal within many salons and spas; there are certain ways to enhance your spa body services, by adding tailored body scrubs, wax, masks, and wraps to fit your salon spa style and character! This 8hr. face-to-face course is a seminar course that offers the following:

·         An overview of exfoliation, skin hydration, body wax, body scrubs, and the spa body service

·         The overall ingredients of body scrubs, masks, and paraffin body wax - and also the differences between manufactured scrubs – and scrubs you can compound on site within your salon or spa

·         Introduction of five (5) “themed” spa body services, that you can incorporate at your salon spa (these themed services are not only excellent for the overall care of your client’s skin, but they are also great for establishing a “niche market” with your spa – which gives you a specialized appeal to clients, and potential clients).

·         The recipe for the some of the body scrubs will be given, and the Course Participants will compound scrubs on-site

·         Discussion regarding the difference between a “wet room setting” and a “dry room setting”

·         Supplies needed and the overall spa room set up

·         A demonstration of the body scrub service will also be given, in a “dry room” setting

·         Other discussions will include:

o   Health, Safety, and Sanitation

o   The skin, the epidermis, exfoliation, and cell turnover

o   Various skin types, and which body scrub is conducive for your clients

o   Contraindication and side effects

o   Your overall body scrub business and boosting your clientele

o   Marketing and public relations – and developing your “niche market” with themed spa body scrub services!