Spa Manicures: Step-by-Step

This Course is Offered Face-to-Face (In Person)  

This Course is Offered to Licensees, Licensed by The N.C. Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners

Course Hours: 4 hrs.; Course Eligibility: Cosmetologists (C), Manicurists (M), Teachers (T), Students (S)

Course Price: $50.00 (in advance); $55.00 (day of class)



Overall Lesson Objective:

This face-to-face (in person) course is designed to teach the spa manicure procedure -- via instruction and classroom demonstration. This course will discuss "added services" beyond the traditional manicure, and how "spa services" can be incorporated. This face-to-face course is four (4) hours, which includes lecture content and a classroom demonstration. The general outline of this course consists of Five (V) Modules and includes the following lesson objectives - 

Lesson Objectives:

  • To understand the overall difference between a standard manicure and a spa manicure; and the client benefits of a spa manicure (such as self esteem, overall appearance of the hands, etc.).
  • To discuss the aspects of anatomy and physiology, with topics including - anatomy of the hand and wrist; the nail bed; cells, tissues, organs, and body systems.
  • To emphasize the importance of sanitation and disinfection, and the proper pre-service set up.
  • To review the step-by-step spa manicure procedure and to incorporate "spa services" which include - aromatherapy, paraffin, scrubs, masks, and hand manipulation.
  • To highlight the post service, clean up, and sanitation procedures after the spa manicure.
  • To discuss the salon business benefits of a spa manicure including signature service recognition, repeat clients, and increased financial rewards.
  • To provide a live classroom demonstration that will give course participants (students) a "face-to-face perspective" of how to conduct the spa manicure service.

The Five (V)  Modules Are As Follows:

Module I:          Definition of a Spa Manicure: What is Expected of a Spa Manicure Service?

Module II:         Anatomy and Physiology

Module III:        Sanitation & Pre-Service Set Up

Module IV:       The Spa Manicure Procedure and Classroom Demonstration with emphasis on the following "added spa services":

  • o Aromatherapy
  • o Paraffin
  • o Scrubs
  • o Masks
  • o Hand Manipulation

Module V:         Post-Service, Sanitation, Spa Manicure Benefits, Conclusion

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